In the mid-90s the Australian media industry was enthusiastic about the emergence of innovative and sophisticated tools for media analysis – but hampered by a scarcity of specialists who could use them effectively.

At the same time major advertisers, seeking greater accountability, also required independent support, advice and scrutiny of their media investment.

Denise Holden established the forerunner of Media Metrics (Marketing & Media Research Services) in 1997 as an independent consultancy to service both these groups. The name was changed to Media Metrics in 2004.

In the intervening years Holden’s forecasts have been confirmed. All major media companies have created or expanded their in-house research resources, and many prominent FMCG advertises have appointed specialist ‘media controllers’.

Nevertheless, Media Metrics, enhanced by a decade of ‘field experience’, continues to offer a unique perspective to problems of media measurement, media marketing and media evaluation.

My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.
Peter F. Drucker


Media Metrics was conceived as (and continues to be) a small, responsive consultancy – capable of developing customised solutions to the business, marketing and research challenges facing our clients. We approach each client relationship as a working partnership wherein both parties collaborate to attain the best possible outcome. Our broad experience allows us to draw on industry best practice from many related fields. 

Media Metrics is impartial and independent. We decline projects that would involve a potential conflict of interest.

Initial contact with clients is often an informal discussion about their goals, the issues they face and their competitive environment. We then provide a proposal which clarifies the project objectives and defines the scope, approach, outcomes and timelines. Fees are either time (hourly/daily) or project based. 

Our principal, Denise Holden, is involved in all stages of every project. When clients engage Media Metrics they work with a senior, experienced media, marketing and research practitioner. 

At the same time major advertisers, seeking greater accountability, also required independent support, advice and scrutiny of their media investment. 

Media Metrics delivers:

  • succinct, robust and accurate analyses
  • summaries that enhance understanding and clarity
  • recommendations that are practical, actionable and accountable

Denise Holden

Denise Holden has a bachelor’s degree in commerce (statistics major) and a master’s degree in writing. She has also undertaken postgraduate studies in econometrics.

She has more than 20 years media agency experience in client management roles involving planning and buying media for a range of product categories. This was followed by several years specialising in media research and strategy.

Her sundry achievements include development of media training programs, writing and editing industry newsletters, and compilation of comprehensive media analyses such as The Australian Media Marketplace for John Fairfax and The SBS Advertising Media Manual.

Holden delivers a unique perspective through her understanding of media marketing dynamics, her knowledge of statistical methods and her familiarity with all facets of the media industry.

She is a former member of AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society) and was a contributor to the authoritative industry journal Mediaweek for several years.

Denise Holden

Denise Holden

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

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